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Expert Consultation on Business compliances /Taxation

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Expert Consultation on Business compliances /Taxation

Talk to an expert for 15 minutes on any questions related to Accountancy, Auditing & Taxation, Cost Accountancy, Executors & Trustees, GST compliance, Audit and Training

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: 02 Feb 2029

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  • Areas of Expertise


    Accounting is the practice of keeping track of how much money a company makes and how much it spends. Our in-house chartered accountants help you in preparing financial statements and managing accounts payable. From simple bookkeeping to complex financial analyses, we offer a wide range of services.

    Auditing & Taxation

    With Vakilsearch, you can speak with a chartered accountant for help with your company's finances, auditing, tax planning, startup, or incorporation. Our in-house CAs possess the right education and skills for preparing tax returns, representing clients before tax authorities, and providing you with general tax advice.

    Cost Accountancy

    The role of the chartered accountant is crucial when it comes to cost accounting. Their responsibility is to determine the cost of production and the amount of money needed to carry out each stage of production. Our in-house chartered accountants can instantly help you with your cost accounting. They will walk you through each step of the process, the paperwork required, and the legalities involved.

    Executors and Trustees

    As a trustee or executor, a chartered accountant will need to collaborate with a solicitor or lawyer. Solicitors and lawyers rely on accountants for assistance with financial matters arising from their work. Our in-house chartered accountants play a crucial role in the legal industry, helping both clients and attorneys with financial matters

    GST Compliance, Audit, and Training

    Chartered accountants at Vakilsearch have a strong understanding of GST compliance, audits, and training for the relevant rules and regulations, in addition to compliance for client handling. Vakilsearch has been a one-stop solution for any business or entrepreneur looking for a chartered accountant. We have been particularly instrumental in ensuring startups are fully compliant with India’s legal requirements.

    • Employment issues

    • Insurance claims

    • Consumer complaints

    • Motor accidents claims

  • Why Vakilsearch?

    Completely Online

    Our team of advisors will provide you with sound advice based on your needs. The entire procedure is very smooth and worry free.

    Video Call

    We offer easy solutions to busy clients via video calls. Now you talk to a chartered accountant anytime and anywhere.

    Save Money

    No extra fees will be charged. Change lawyers quickly without having to pay more. While saving money, get excellent guidance

Felix D'Souza

Felix D'Souza

Director, Customer Success at GlobalLinker

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