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Business Branding: The Complete Course Part 2 - Expression

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Business Branding: The Complete Course Part 2 - Expression

This is a continuation from business branding the complete course part 1

If you’ve completed part one, you will have already developed a solid strategic foundation for your brand, which we we now look to strategically express in part two.

By the end of part one and part two, you’ll have built a strategic brand from the ground up. You’ll have a brand book that will act as your brand management guide and the techniques processes and frameworks to replicate the process. 

You will get more benefit if you have completed part one, though you can take the lessons from part two as stand alone lessons

: 03 Feb 2029

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  • What you'll learn

    • How to spark your audiences interest and hold their attention

    • How to position your brand effectively to stand out on its own

    • How to get your audience to feel something for your brand through personality development

    • the common mistakes that nearly all failing start-up’s make and how to avoid them

    • How to develop a brand voice that makes it easy to resonate through content and social media marketing

    • Why most businesses lose money with their Facebook or Google Ad campaigns

    • How to enhance your marketing efforts through effective storytelling adapted for modern platforms

Felix D'Souza

Felix D'Souza

Director, Customer Success at GlobalLinker

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