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Internet of Things

Transform your business with IoT

Whatever industry you’re in, Vodafone’s IoT solutions has the power to transform and revolutionise your business.

Connectivity solutions like Location Tracker and Remote Asset Management, gives supply chain management & logistics businesses better visibility and improved efficiency.

Vehicle Tracking is crucial for automobile insurance providers, fleet operators, supply chain management companies, logistics providers and car lease operators.

Fixed Asset Tracking helps major food and beverage companies transform their fixed assets into intelligent devices.


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  • Location Trackers – Track your people, vehicles and consignments

    The Vodafone Location Tracker is a transformative tool that lets you gain better visibility of supply chains, track and monitor the location of assets and improve you business efficiency. Its user-friendly interface helps you ascertain the safest and most economically viable routes, access online reports, receive alerts and reduce costs.

  • People Tracking - Ensure a safe working environment for your workforce

    With Vodafone’s People Tracking Solutions you can know about the real-time location of your workforce, and help safeguard your employees. Improve employee morale and take a crucial step towards making your business Ready for the future with Vodafone’s People Tracking Solutions.

  • Mobile Asset Tracking – Get complete visibility across assets in transit

    Overhaul your company's supply chain and logistics operations with Vodafone Mobile Asset Tracking. Deliver goods faster with better operational efficiency, track the location and status of your assets, whether its healthcare equipment, building materials, construction equipment, consumer electronics, automobiles, chemicals or perishable goods. It is crucial for businesses to opt for such operational enhancements, given the ultra-competitive market.

  • Fixed Asset Tracking – Transform your fixed assets into smart, intelligent devices

    Vodafone Fixed Asset Tracking is a solution that helps transform your static, sales-generating assets like ice-cream freezers, visicoolers, vending machines, etc. into connected intelligent assets. By keeping you constantly updated about location, motion detection, operational status, estimated stock levels and usage, this solution helps with higher visibility, increased control & increased manageability. The solution is aimed at major food and beverage companies, and other enterprises that incur high spends on consumption that they wish to manage and control.

  • Vehicle Tracking​ – Optimise your fleet management operations

    Vehicle Tracking is a cost-effective, end-to-end solution that gives you real-time visibility of your fleet. This helps you constantly monitor the vehicle's condition, sending you alerts about faulty parts that may need servicing. Ensure the best driving experience to your users by reducing unplanned vehicle downtime and helping maintain asset value. This solution will benefit automobile insurance providers, fleet operators, supply chain management companies, logistics providers, car lease operators and those involved with employee transportation among others.

  • Remote Asset Management – Monitor and maintain your machines & systems remotely

    A 2-way communication between the asset and the central application, that results in better control and management of assets. Monitoring of day-to-day operations, helps improve asset performance and operational efficiency due to predictive and preventive maintenance. It also enables about 80% carbon savings.

  • Wireless Payments – Enjoy seamless & secure mobile payments

    Vodafone’s Wireless Payments provides secure, point-to-point connectivity solutions that power financial transactions between banking systems or payment gateways and end devices.

  • Smart Metering – Monitor energy consumption with real time data

    Whether you are a gas, water or electricity company, Vodafone Smart Metering Solutions helps you monitor utility consumption of your customers by connecting meters to servers and get detailed real-time data. It also helps you improve energy distribution, reduce cost of energy supple and minimised potential energy loss through theft.

  • Security & surveillance – Protect sensitive information between devices

    Security & Surveillance solutions empower businesses and governments by creating point-to-point connectivity, which delivers remote data from end devices to your organisation’s central servers.

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