Value of ‘giving’ to build your business

Value of ‘giving’ to build your business


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Christmas is synonymous with the spirit of generosity, kindness and giving.

On the surface it may appear that business owners are preoccupied with acquiring—be it more customers, profit, geographic reach, traffic. Look closely and one finds that successful entrepreneurs are concerned with giving, bringing a positive change and transforming lives.

GlobalLinker members Girish SachdevSridhar Narayanaswamy and Piyush Nagar share how ‘giving’ is intrinsic to their business success.

Shining the spotlight on artisans, giving back to nature: Girish Sachdev, Partner, Drishti Lifestyle

The act of giving is intrinsic to our brand, Funkaari. Reason being the inception of the brand truly was in line with artisans involved in handmaking leather products. Funkaari was established to shine the spotlight on all the hard work that is put in by the women, men behind the product making. It was important for us to highlight this. We always felt the dearth in newer generation of artisans coming up, hence we wanted to create something which is ‘fun’ for the maker and even more enjoyable for buyers. Idea was to give back the credit to people who make it.

In the current scenario when the buyer is equally educated of what they are buying and at what price, it is imperative to test your products. At Funkaari, we regularly give away goods to known people, be it staff or their immediate family so that an honest feedback can be achieved before launching anything new. These giveaways are surely the most satisfying ones.

We are also dedicated to give back to mother earth. Globally the fashion industry produces more than 4 trillion square feet of raw materials annually, That’s nearly 32,000 miles worth of trash every year. Our mission at Funkaari is to design with sustainability. We take that waste and upcycle it into pieces that you love and that will last for generations.

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Going the extra mile: Sridhar Narayanaswamy, Managing Partner, Innovatus Systems

An entrepreneur cannot achieve success or anything, alone, but always needs the support of the employees, customers, vendor-partners and society. To this effect, an entrepreneur should always think, in what manner, the world around him be kept happy that they in turn reciprocate and thus bring in success. If my employee buys a car, I am happy because, he has been able to do that due to his earnings that was due to his contributions to the objectives of the organisation.

We believe in going the extra mile, for our customers, by providing them with software features that will help them grow more and in turn, remember us as well. This philosophy of mine has always earned me the respect of my valued customers. Christmas is the season of giving and showing warmth to all but in my opinion, this should not be restricted only to Christmas, but rather always.

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Being the guiding light for others: Piyush Nagar, Founder-CEO, SixthSense IT Solutions

In my entrepreneurial journey, I feel I have been fortunate enough to work with and being guided by some of the best industry mentors. And, one of the essential thing which I learned is, if you know the solution and if you can help someone, you must help! Because people need the knowledge to move forward and if they get it from a trustworthy source, they will always remember you.

And, even today, I carry the same legacy. I try to provide zero cost consultation to SMEs and try to help them as much as I can. I have seen the days when I was at the peak of my struggle and needed the guidance. So I know the importance of real consultation, I share my experience and knowledge with the needed one.

Many events have happened in my business journey, where I have helped and guided startups. Recently, one of my ex-employees started a business and needed some direction. I came to know he was hesitating to approach me for guidance because he had worked with me a couple of years back. When I came to know about this, I called him upfront and asked him to share his problem. He was surprised enough to know that I called him, to help him. He shared his hurdles, and I suggested to him the best possible solution. Nothing made me happier at that moment, because I kept my promise- "if you know the solution, you must help others!"

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Legendary entrepreneur Henry Ford once said, “To do more for the world than the world does for you—that is success.”
Indeed, the spirit to give doesn’t just build a business, it changes the world for the better.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


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