Santa’s 3 timeless business tips

Santa’s 3 timeless business tips


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Summary: One seldom thinks of Santa Claus as a successful business owner, but the fact is that he has been running a thriving enterprise for centuries. On Christmas eve (despite his busy schedule), Santa has decided to share his 3 timeless business tips. Read on and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

My favourite (and busiest) time of the year has arrived, and it has brought a bundle of Christmas gifts, carols, delicious cakes and holiday cheer with it. All year I wait for Christmas to give away the presents that I have in store for you. While many of you must be waiting for gift boxes near your Christmas trees tomorrow morning, I have decided to give you something better this year.

This Christmas, I give you my 3 secret tips for everlasting business success. 

1. Never underestimate your team

Always remember how important your team is for the growth of your enterprise. When I have plenty of gifts to deliver in one night, I always seek help of my trusted elves. I would not be able to distribute so many gifts in one night without their support. Similarly, your employees work hard to bring alive your business vision and therefore are vital stakeholders in your business journey. Believe me, appreciating your employees and valuing their contribution will boost morale and ensure that you work hard as a team to realise all business goals.

Your presence in the industry defines you

While you strive hard at your place of work and manage numerous daily tasks, you must not forget to establish an impactful virtual presence. Do you see my pictures with my reindeers, elves, and Christmas trees everywhere on the internet during Christmas? Well, that’s exactly what I am talking about.

Having a rich online presence, being active on social media and timely responses are three key factors that every business must keep in mind. Your online presence will lend you credibility and keep you alive in public memory.

3. Commit only when you can deliver

Each year, I drop gifts near the beautifully decorated Christmas trees and promise to return the next year. When I make a promise, I make sure that I keep it. That is my third advice to all the business owners out there. You should commit to only those things that you can deliver to your clients and customers. When you fulfil your commitments in a timely manner, you not only gain the trust of your clients but also increase your brand value and clientele in the long run.


That is all for now, but I promise to return next year with many more ideas to boost your business.

Merry Christmas!


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