Avoid over-eating at corporate functions by doing this

Avoid over-eating at corporate functions by doing this

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ExecFuel Editorial Staff

ExecFuel Editorial Staff

30 Jun 2016, 10:25 — 5 min read

Corporate events are heaven sent, or are they?

Depends on how you look at it. On one hand it’s an amazing opportunity for you to socialize with individuals who normally are unavailable owing to busy schedules. On the other hand, a tempting spread of culinary extravagance can derail your resolve to eat healthy and nutritious food.

It’s unfortunate that executives, who are otherwise on a healthy diet, are thrown off balance when they attend corporate functions. If you can relate to this predicament, then you need something more than just tips on dining out. You need actionable tips tailored to address this specific situation.

And that’s exactly what you’ll read here. So, let’s jump right in.

1. Dodge the overeating bullet with this playful method

Corporate functions provide an amazing platform for you to expand and strengthen your network. As a businessman, the contacts you gain from such functions definitely helps drive your ambitions to the next level. Consequently, you’ll find yourself at such events frequently as you step-up your game. For this reason, you must learn how to cultivate restraint, and the method below will surely help you exercise moderation.

A fantastic trick to eliminate overeating is to reduce the size of the portion. To do this, imagine that one half of your plate is off-limits. Visualize that part of your plate emanating a red glow as if it were radioactive. According to the rule of the game, you’re not allowed to put any food on the radioactive area. Also, anything that accidentally enters the “red zone” becomes inedible.

By engaging yourself in this manner, you’ll eat only half of what you normally would. Be sure to try this at your next company party.

2. A proactive approach to ward off cravings

Of course, client entertainment is an integral part of many corporate events. Needless to say, the array of delicious appetizers, indulgent mains, and decadent desserts in front of you is enough to throw even the most zealous dieter off course.

As a businesswoman working on developing her fledgling startup, Cynthia found it hard to reign in her cravings at corporate events. But, she did an absolutely smart thing to avoid overeating and stay in control of her diet. Before attending the event, Cynthia eats a cup of oats with water and milk. Since a cup of oats contains a generous amount of fibre, it’s quite filling and keeps you satiated for a long time. Thus, she enters that venue with her stomach already half-full. Therefore, she can’t overeat even if she wants to – her stomach won’t allow it.

Encourage yourself to draw a leaf from Cynthia’s book.

3. Do this to sidestep potential pitfall

Saying “no” to people is difficult as it is.

But, when your colleague offers, and sometimes pesters, you to eat a second helping, saying “no” becomes close to impossible.To successfully evade this scenario, give this method a shot.

Never let your plate or glass become empty. Logic dictates that you can’t have a second helping until you finish the first one. So, if anyone attempts to cajole you into eating more, you can play along and let them know that you’ll go for one as soon as you finish the food on your plate.

But secretly, you will never finish the food on your plate.


4. Do not fall prey to this trap

It’s true that during company hosted event, you’re in a surrounding that’s an extension of your work environment. However, the mood is often celebratory. As a result, alcohol is almost always on the table. Moreover, they treat you to the “good stuff.”

Sadly, you must put a cap on your alcohol consumption because drinking causes you to eat excessively.

An effective mechanism to limit alcohol consumption is to drink twice the amount of water as alcohol. By filling your stomach with more water than alcohol, you can not only prevent hangovers but also prevent extra calorie intake.


Executing your game plan

Since most corporate events are scheduled, you’ll have plenty of time to put your strategy in place. These tips work remarkably well and will undoubtedly help you maintain a healthy diet no matter how many corporate events you attend.


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