3 useful tips to make prospecting a daily habit

3 useful tips to make prospecting a daily habit

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Suraj Rengan

Suraj Rengan

15 Feb 2019, 10:25 — 3 min read

Summary: Sales, in any business, is all about numbers. And to achieve that number, you need to generate good leads and move them through the sales funnel until they convert into revenue-generating customers. This process of looking for potential clients is known as prospecting. It is the first and the most important step in the sales process. GlobalLinker member, Suraj Rengan shares three effective tips to inculcate the practice of prospecting.


Many sales professional perceive prospecting as a dreaded task. Fear of rejection makes this part of their job the least favourite one. However, the truth is that allocating time for prospecting is as vital as meeting your present clients because it is the only method through which you can grow your practice. Follow these three easy yet effective steps to make prospecting a daily habit: 

1. Set targets for prospecting

A strong pipeline helps you acquire good customers throughout the year. Try calculating backwards to determine the number of prospective clients you need to contact every week to attain your monthly goals. If you are new to this profession, you might need to dedicate more time for prospecting. Once you determine the time you need to invest, set aside that time to single-mindedly focus on prospecting. You can also set calendar reminders to keep a track of your targets.

The next step is to start calling prospects on a daily basis. You can maintain a list of potential clients to call, follow-up calls etc. Consistency and focus are crucial to succeed in prospecting.


2. Stop procrastinating

Sales professionals spend a lot of time in routine tasks such as managing paperwork and as a result prospecting takes a backseat. You might think you have the time to do it later, but by the time you start identifying some good leads and calling them up, someone else must have already done that! Don’t procrastinate or let anything distract you when you are calling up potential clients.


3. Develop your prospecting skills

The more you work on your prospecting skills, the easier it will be to acquire clients. Having impeccable soft skills is also essential for your business. And you can hone this skill with regular practice. Be confident when you go for meetings and speak in a clear tone. Communicate your message to the prospect effortlessly and make sure you are on the same page as your client. Eventually, prospecting will come naturally to you and won’t be intimidating anymore.

Hope these tips help you make prospecting a part of your daily routine. If you know more such tips, share them in the comments section below.


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